Capital Radio 604 was a station founded by Martin Rattle in 1976 that broadcast to listeners in South Africa using Medium Wave (AM) on 603 kHz. However, it was shut down in 1996 due to financial problems and now broadcasts through the live streaming. Information, podcasts and archival materials about the Capital station are available on its website.

Slogan: "All the hits and more"

Languges: English.

Formats: Music, Oldies.

Genres: Pop.

First air date: 26 December 1979

Most popular presenters

  • Alan Mann
  • Steve Smith
  • John Berks
  • Alan Khan
  • Will Bernard
  • Dave Simons
  • Darren Scott
  • Tony Murrell
  • Tony Newman
  • Gary Edwards


Capital Radio 604 broadcasts in the following cities on FM, AM or Online:

  • Mthatha (Umtata) Online


  • Etienne
    I love it, I would give you 10 stars! This music is mine from the 80s. With your help, I got back there!!! Too bad it's only available online now.
  • Greg
    This is the music of my most beautiful years! It's interesting that I learned about this station from a very young man who listens to Capital every day :)