ChaiFM is a South African Jewish community radio station that broadcasts from Johannesburg on 101.9 MHz and worldwide through the live streaming feature. Its line up covers news, views and opinions that excite and are relevant to the Jewish community. Chai FM plays a wide range of music, from classical to jazz, including Israeli pop and Mizrachi music.

Languges: English.

Formats: Community, Religious, Talk.

Genres: Pop, Jazz, Classical.

First air date: December 9, 2008

Owner: JHB Jewish Community

Main shows and presenters

  • The New Blue Review – Benji Shulman
  • Chai Kids
  • The Sports Huck – Raymond Hack and Martin Cohen
  • Chai Chinuch Show Info – Rabbi G
  • The Overdrive – Kathy Kaler
  • Dear Parliament – Rob Hutchinson
  • Dischem Medical Monday – Dr Daniel Israel
  • Essen Fressen – Adrienne Bogatie
  • Finding Human – Sue Jackson
  • Focus on our Sages – Rabbi Danny Sackstein
  • Healthy You, Wealthy You – Aidel & Faygle
  • Jewish History – Rabbi Ken Spiro
  • Judaism 101.9 – Rabbi Michael Katz
  • People Of The Book – Janice Liebowitz
  • The Morning Mayhem – Howard Feldman
  • Chai Choonz You Bru


Chai FM broadcasts in the following cities on FM, AM or Online:

  • Johannesburg 101.9



  • Jorge
    Chai is an excellent radio with music and teachings!
  • User
    Shalom chai, may you be blessed and the entire congregation with joy and peace, thank you very much Chai for your teachings, I hope that the time that the eternal one has will allow you to continue serving. I don't know what would have happened to me without all these teachings.
  • Dante
    Shalom everyone, I'm joining the powerful Chai station...hello from Texas! I listen live, excellent sound quality.