About radio

Radio Hindvani is a South African station broadcasting primarily to the Hindi-speaking community on 91.5 and 102.3 MHz. It considers it its goal to promote the development and propagation of the Hindi language and Hindu culture. Its line up consists of news reports, entertainment and music shows such as Top 50, educational shows focusing on Hindu culture and the Hindi language. The live streaming service is available on Hindvani website.

Slogan: "Voice of Hindi"

Languges: English, Hindi.

Format: Community.

First air date: 1998

Owner: Hindi Shiksha Sangh

Main shows and presenters

  • Meena Mothilall
  • Jeetendra Jugrah
  • Vinay Hansraj
  • Avidesh Raghubar
  • Sadhna Dayanand
  • Monica Singh
  • Nundhlall Rabilall
  • Pt Rohith Maharajh
  • Pravesh Sunker
  • Shanthi Sewjee
  • Rameka Barsathy
  • Shireen Mewa


Hindvani broadcasts in the following cities:

  • Durban 91.5
  • Pietermaritzburg 102.3