About radio

Lekker FM is a South African radio station broadcasting in Afrikaans and partly in English using the frequency 98.3 MHz and through the live streaming feature. Its line up includes discussions of current events, news, traffic, weather, lifestyle, as well as Afrikaans and English contemporary music hits. On the Lekker FM website, listeners can find information about its weekly Top 40 as well as podcasts of its main shows.

Slogan: "Dit kan net LEKKER raak!"

Languges: English, Afrikaans.

Format: Pop, Entertainment, News.

First air date: 11 Oktober 2012

Owner: Anton Olwage

Main shows and presenters

  • Sondagoggend Erediens – Lewende Woord Centurion, Past.Wouter van der Merwe
  • Oggendoordenking – JP Esterhuizen, Peet van der Westhuizen
  • Naweek-Ontbyt! – Clarise Craven
  • Ontbyt op sy LEKKERSTE! – Fanus Pienaar
  • Gesellig – Shaun Laubscher
  • Goue Oues – Marthie Schonert
  • Country Collage – JJ Stephens
  • Fluweel Handskoen – Past. JP Esterhuizen
  • Lekker 98.3 TOP 40 – Simoné Stoop
  • Geestelike Musiek – Steven Sterling
  • Huistoe Gaan Tyd – Fanus Pienaar


Lekker FM broadcasts in the following cities:

  • Pretoria 98.3