MFM is a South African campus radio station founded by Stellenbosch University and broadcasting using the frequency of 92.6 MHz. For listeners around the world, MFM is available through the live streaming service. It broadcasts 24/7 and is aimed mainly at youth. Its content is 60% music and 40% talk and includes music and entertainment shows as well as news reports with the current affairs.

Slogan: "Move to the music"

Languges: Xhosa, English, Afrikaans.

Formats: Campus radio.

Genres: Pop.

First air date: 1995

Owner: Stellenbosch University

Broadcast area: Regional Stellenbosch

Main shows and presenters

  • AM2PM – Jan-Willem Lotz
  • Breakfast – Mahlako Tau
  • Detour – Brendt Wayne De Wet
  • Drive – Miché Geyer
  • Timewarp – Wilné van Rooyen
  • Lunch – Ute Hermanus
  • Weekend Lunch – Mang Izzy


MFM broadcasts in the following cities on FM, AM or Online:

  • Stellenbosch 92.6



  • Greg
    MFM is with us around the clock, even my son, a future doctor, who listens to different music, gets into my car and sings your rhythm:) I love you for your objectivity!
  • Marlon
    Great stimulating music that lifts the spirits in these challenging times. Listening to this station to expand my possibilities.