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2023-04-04 10:53:06
What did you discover at a ridiculously old age?

2023-03-30 02:56:41
What foods were you not allowed to eat or were limited with that you now love?

2023-03-30 02:47:29
What kind of special treatment does your pet get?

2023-03-23 12:48:45
If a person was frozen from 2000 & Woke up in 2023?

2023-02-24 10:24:43
Zweli chats to Amahle and Thulani from Until Until about Bacardi Holiday Club

2022-11-02 08:07:27
Music producer Sun-El Musician chatted to Zweli about Zweli joining him on stage at a recent concert & what he has up his sleeve for the upcoming

2022-11-01 16:50:43
Singer-songwriter @shekhinahd was hosted by @thezweli at his flat for some tea and biscuits.

2022-04-19 10:09:59
SANBS Donor Wellness Support Programme

2022-03-08 07:31:00
MVP shares some of the memorable moments from Mexico

2022-02-09 05:09:18
Cool Quotes Tuesday - Share your favorite quote/saying with me as well as the meaning behind it