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Msizi James on 947 Podcasts
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2022-10-26 09:39:55
Msizi James hanging out with Matthew Mole talking about his latest record 'Goodbye' and what he has up his sleeve for Samsung Galaxy 947 Move.

2022-10-17 08:05:24
Msizi James chats to Dr Michael Pritchard about World Spine Day, looking after your body before its too late also as we head to Move preparing your body for a full weekend of dancing and recovering

2022-07-21 08:44:09
Catching up with  some of our childhood stars - MTN Gladiator's -Where are they now?

2022-05-18 09:13:39
Prank - You've won a car! - Two friends entered a competition to win a car

2022-02-08 09:51:32
Msizi's most embarrassing moment at The Saint

2022-02-08 08:14:00
What would your salary be, using your last 5 digit of your number?

2022-02-08 02:43:28
Would you return a birthday gift from your Ex-partner?

2022-01-17 10:02:00
What is the one thing you would really like to own IN 2022?

2022-01-17 09:56:06
TholiBOn947 - When someone takes you out, do you ever ask them, since they are taking you out, what the budget is?

2022-01-14 08:25:00
What gift have you received that you will always Treasure?