Radio Islam is an international community station broadcasting from Lenasia and aimed primarily at the Muslim community in South Africa. It aims to promote Islamic values through relevant and informative content. Through the broadcast of high quality info-edutainment, it has become a bridge a cross the community divide. Its website provides information on recipes during Ramadan, podcasts of its main shows, salaah times and the live streaming feature.

Languges: English.

Formats: Religious, Islam.

First air date: 10 April 1997

Broadcast area: Gauteng

Most popular shows and presenters

  • Book Review, Ml Ashraf Dockrat
  • At Taajir, Mufti Yusuf Moosagie
  • Conflict Resolutions, Ml Zahir Raggie
  • Family Health Matters, Sister Zeenat
  • Your World Today, Mufti Yusuf Moosagie
  • Nazm Hour, Nauman Panchbaya & Hanzalah Haffejee
  • The Marriage Programme, Ml Habib Bobat & Edris Khamissa
  • Under the Radar, Hfz Ebrahim Moosa
  • Social Issues In Islam, Ml Ebrahim Bham
  • Nikah Notices & Sahaba Profiles, Mufti Mohammed Akoo


Radio Islam broadcasts in the following cities on FM, AM or Online:

  • Lenasia (Lenz) 1548/MW


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