About radio

Zone Radio is a commercial community station that broadcasts using the frequency of 88.5 MHz and based in Cape Town, South Africa. Its program aims to support the creativity of South African artists by providing a platform for them to showcase their music. The live streaming feature and podcasts of its main shows are available on the Zone 88.5 FM website.

Languges: English.

Format: Community.

First air date: 2011

Owner: Richard Griggs

Main shows and presenters

  • Zone Sunrise – Michelle Human
  • The Brunch – Sue Hair
  • The Lunch – Jacques De Klerk
  • Breakfast Zone – "Mad Matt" Tennyson and Mark Bester
  • The Drive Zone – The Unicorn
  • The Mop Tops & The King – Steve Chelmsford
  • The Old Skool Party – Angela Timm
  • The SA and Indie Music – Judy Roberson


Zone Radio broadcasts in the following cities:

  • Cape Town 88.5