All Jazz Radio is an online station that broadcasts 24/7 through the live streaming feature from Cape Town, South Africa. It aims to become an essential broadcaster of good jazz music in all its various forms. Its line up consists of music and educational programs that discuss the history of jazz, well-known and new artists.

Languges: English.

Formats: Music, Talk.

Genres: Jazz, Blues, Latin.

Main shows and presenters

  • The Kibby Factor
  • The Contemporary Fix
  • The Groove Merchant
  • The Mother City Mix
  • The Vagabond Show
  • Smooth Cruise
  • In Conversation with…
  • Take 5 & Then Some
  • Jazz Now and Then
  • The No Name Brand Show
  • Big Band Bash
  • Jazz Around The World
  • El Lado Latino (The Latin Side)
  • Modern Jazz Today
  • Todd’s Turntable
  • Smooth Jazz Weekend
  • Smooth, Fusion and Funk Show
  • The Jazz Rendezvous


All Jazz Radio broadcasts in the following cities on FM, AM or Online:

  • Cape Town Online



  • Ntsoaki
    I have been looking for this cool, sophisticated, rich and varied music program for a long time, the names of which are chosen with taste and passion. We acknowledge the expertise of the radioprofessional in this wonderful playlist. Thanks to the team for making us vibrate!