About radio

Jungle FM is an internet network founded by Avin Moorley and broadcasting from Pretoria, South Africa. The station broadcasts 24/7 with repeat shows and music mixes/medleys. It is available through the live streaming feature on its website. Also on its website, listeners can meet its team and find podcasts of its past shows.

Slogan: "This is the way"

Languges: English.

Format: Ethnic.

First air date: 10 June 2020

Owner: Avin Moorley

Main shows and presenters

  • Golden Swing – Avin Moorley
  • The Good Life – Alvin Chetty
  • The Tech Lounge – Dhillan Kalyan
  • Junglee Nites – Avin Moorley
  • Jungle Fever – Avin Moorley
  • Music & Masti – Shrish Viyas Hargoon
  • Spirit of the Wild – Merisha Lalla
  • The Knight Rider – Shoveen Singh
  • Trini Vibez – Dr Adita Narinesingh
  • Bollywood Express – Alvin Chetty and PK Soni


Jungle FM broadcasts in the following cities:

  • Pretoria Online