About radio

Koepel Stereo (KSFM 94.9) is a South African community station primarily focused at listeners in the Municipal district of Ngwathe. It broadcasts in Afrikaans, English and Sesotho and broadcasts programs of interest to the Ngwathe community. Its line up includes news reports, political, cooking, financial, health and music shows. Its website provides podcasts of its main shows as well as the live streaming feature.

Slogan: "Deel die Impak - Share the Impact"

Languges: Sesotho, English, Afrikaans.

Format: Community.

Main shows and presenters

  • Jan Se Plan
  • Ou Vriende
  • Church Service
  • This Is Pula Country
  • Om Die Kampvuur
  • News - Afrikaans & English
  • Potroast & Biltong
  • Koepel Stereo Top 10
  • Koepel & Vriende
  • KSFM Tribute To Lance James


Koepel Stereo broadcasts in the following cities:

  • Parys 94.9