About radio

Springbok Radio is a nationwide English-language station in South Africa broadcasting online from the city of Johannesburg and owned by SABC. It's was founded on 1950. You can listen to music women's, children's and families, as well as major news programs.

Languges: English.

Format: Oldies.

First air date: 1950

Owner: SABC

Main shows and presenters

  • The Adventures of Jet Jungle (1973–1985)
  • Father, Dear Father (1974–1985)
  • The Men from the Ministry (1969–1985)
  • The Navy Lark (1973–1985)
  • Pip Freedman Show (1968–1985)
  • The World of Dick Francis (1981–1984)
  • The World of Hammond Innes
  • The Stories of Sherlock Holmes (1979–1985)
  • Bingo at Home (1959–1970)
  • Guess Who with All Gold


Springbok Radio broadcasts in the following cities:

  • Johannesburg Online